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Since the age of five, when I received my very first doll house as a gift, I haven’t stopped designing interiors! I design with passion and I experience my talent as a real blessing.

My job is to help you find bespoke solutions to reorganise and decorate your space, to plan new configurations in your home or workplace, to create from scratch a new living habitat or make an event truly special.

My goal is to harmonize functionality, style and character to let the identity of a place and those who dwell and live in it be revealed.
With the use of personalised, handmade complements and unique pieces, your way of being and the way you live can finally reflect on your environment.

Interior design is quality of life and nurturing beauty.

Interior design SERVICES

Tomada Interiors has developed a range of services to meet every need and budget, whether you are planning and building a new private residence or renewing an existing one, whether you are managing a series of properties, opening a business or a representative office.

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